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Friday, Nov. 21



Your donations and support play a huge role in the restoration and preservation of this beautiful historic home. Your donations also help bring fun events to the farm! Check out some of the most recent renovation projects and events!




Andalusia Farm is the home of American writer Flannery O'Connor. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the estate consists of Flannery O'Connor's home, a peacock aviary, the tenant farmer house and cow barn, a milk processing and equipment shed, a smaller barn,  a water tower, a parking garage, a horse stable, a pump house, and three tenant houses. 


Located in Baldwin County, the farm is surrounded by a variety of wildlife and the natural beauty of the historic city of Milledgeville. The farm holds history that dates back to the 19th century, drawing in Flannery O'Connor enthusiast, locals, and historians. Andalusia Farm allows visitors to tour the main house and explore their way around the rest of the property.


The farm was purchased in the early 1930s by Flannery O'Connor's uncle, Dr. Cline. Dr. Cline named the property Sorrel Farm and it was used as a home on the weekends. In the fall of 1946, a descendent of the original  family who owned the farm met Flannery O'Connor. The descendent told her the original name of the property was Andalusia Farm. Flannery wrote her uncle, who liked the name and from then on the land was called Andalusia Farm. After Dr. Cline's death, he left the farm to his sister(Flannery O'Connor's mother) Regina Cline O'Connor and his brother Louis Cline.  After Flannery  died in 1964, her mother moved back to the family house and did not become the primary owner until 1973, when Louis Cline passed away.


In 2001 Margaret Florencourt Mann and Louise Florencourt established the Andalusia Foundation. The nonprofit foundation, is dedicated to preservation, dedication, and appreciation of Andalusia Farm.


Today, Elizabeth Wylie, who is the executive director and April Moon Carlson, who is the operations and visitor service manager operate Andalusia Farm. They encourage anyone to visit and learn about the fascinating place where Flannery O'Connor published two novels and a collection of short stories. 

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